Reviews From Our Patients

Ramya N.
Ramya N.
As a parent of a child with autism, I embarked on a profound journey with MeRT Therapy (all the way from Toronto, Canada, putting my job on hold) and the results have been nothing short of transformative. MeRT Therapy, short for Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, offered a beacon of hope and tangible progress for my son's well-being. From the outset, the professionalism and expertise of the team (Mr. Joshua, Ms. Taylor and Dr. Turshen) at the Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Centre were commendable. They took the time to thoroughly assess my son's needs, understanding his unique challenges and tailoring the treatment plan accordingly. The impact of MeRT Therapy on my son's autism symptoms was remarkable. Over the course of the treatment, we observed noticeable improvements in his communication skills, social interactions, and overall cognitive functioning. He became more engaged, expressive, and receptive to learning, marking a significant milestone in his developmental trajectory. I wholeheartedly recommend MeRT Therapy at Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Center with Mr. Josh and Ms. Taylor to parents seeking effective, science-based interventions for autism spectrum disorder, as it has made a profound difference in our lives.
Chirag P.
Chirag P.
Very pleased with the Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Center team . Josh & his team are caring, empathetic and most importantly you get to establish a connection with the Doctor; which I feel is seldom today. Doctor is very attentive & gave honest advice about treatment.My son took 8 week treatment & I definitely see some improvement specifically about sleep & verbal.I highly recommend this place .Thank you brainwaves Neuro restoration @ Warwick RI.
Nono B
Nono B
My son received treatment at this center ( 4weeks )after initiating first 2 weeks of treatment in Newport, CA. Josh was very welcoming and went way and beyond to accommodate my schedule. I had to drive from Quincy to Warwick everyday after work and he would stay back a little after office hours. I cannot thank him enough. My son benefited from therapy, he tolerates transitions better, and understands alot more. He is less fussy. We saw changes in his EEG I highly recommend treatment at this center.
David S.
David S.
They have performed a miracle for our child. We are beyond thankful for the treatment and help we have received.
Job H.
Job H.
Incredible staff. Top-notch service.
Christina V.
Christina V.
After years of feeling like being in a fog from Fibromyalgia and depression and then having a stroke at 49 I found Brainwaves Neuro. The Office at Brainwaves Neuro is so bright and inviting and the employees are so kind and understanding making the process so easy. After treatment I feel like a new person. I can think clearly and focus so much better, and the mental slowness that was left over from the stroke has improved 100%. I am so thankful for find this office.

The science that this place offers is really amazing. There’s such a huge limitation with brain treatments, so I was really lucky to find this Center. I personally used them for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sleep issues, and brain optimization for work. I have had Chronic Fatigue for years now and nothing has really worked until I tried MeRT. I wanted to wait a few months to make sure the results “stuck” before my review: my pain levels are down, I no longer need to nap in the middle of the day, and I’m not waking in the middle of the night anymore. I highly recommend this place, the staff, and definitely the science behind it.


Oni S., Yelp Review

I have suffered from ocular migraines for the past 25 years, since I was just 17 years old. Each time I experienced a migraine I would lose vision in one eye and it was basically impossible to carry on with normal activities until it passed. This happened several times each month and was extremely disruptive to my life. I thought it was just something I would always have to live with until I discovered Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Center. I began treatment for migraines in January and have been migraine free ever since. The treatment was painless, the staff was wonderful, and the facility was clean and modern. I could not recommend Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Center any more highly!


Sarah T., Yelp Review

My son 16, on Autism Spectrum. We finished 6 weeks and continue to do more weeks. Noticed his behaviors have gone down. He is calm, seeing improvement in his receptive understanding, also noticing slight improvement in his processing speed.clarity in speech is also there. First week did notice in his sensory processing but it didn’t last long. Hoping if I continue doing more sessions, will see more improvements.

Myra T., Yelp Review

Thank you so very much for all of your help healing my brain. I feel so much better, and it is only the beginning. I feel like my mind is coming back online; ready to bloom this spring. What a gift. Wishing you health & joy.


Letter received from Patient wishing to remain anonymous

For as long as I can remember I have been very anxious and depressed, it was almost debilitating. I didn’t leave my house as I would experience many physical symptoms that were impossible to manage. Ever since Brain Wave Neuro I have been significantly more relaxed and it’s been easier to control my thoughts. Even the office has given me a sense of peace. Each member of the staff made my comfort a priority. Going to treatment became something I look forward to! Throughout my journey the staff was patient, supportive and genuinely interested in my well being. They answered every question and listened and eased each concern. I highly recommend going to them if you have anxiety and depression. It has given me a sense of peace I didn’t even know I missed!

Lauren V., Review received via E-Mail

I sought out MeRT because I’ve been managing anxiety, depression, and migraines for most of my life. After trying several types of medications for each, I still hadn’t found something that helped my mental health without the side effects making the migraines worse. I received treatment starting in January and haven’t had a migraine since. My mental health has improved drastically, and I find myself able to focus much better than before. I cannot recommend this treatment enough, it has truly made a difference in my daily life.


Taylor, Review received via E-Mail

Definitely MeRT is giving hope to some families in our case the results for the time in the treatment wasn’t was we were expecting, this no means that other families are going to have the same the same results. As we talked in this BIG ASD FAMILY we have different people and not all of us react in the same way. I’m glad that we decided to go with your Clinic, you all are a pleasure to meet and be around! 
We stopped because we didn’t see much different on [NAME OMITTED}  and we where thinking about the amount of money as well, but definitely we are not eliminated for complete the idea of trying again in the future and compare depending of circumstances, time, age, therapies, etc.
I definitely talked about Brainwaves with part of my near family and with friends with ASD kids and we can’t tell more than good things about you even when that wasn’t worked for us as we were expecting. 

Thanks for everything and definitely I hope the best to all of you! Keep the good job you all are another level of kindness! 
Review from Parent received by e-mail July 6, 2024.  Unfortunately, the Parents did not see as much improvement as they had hoped after four weeks of treatment.