Evidence & Research

Neuromodulation is a growing field where medical devices are used to alter nerve activity by delivery of a stimulus.  There are many types of neuromodulation – both invasive and non-invasive.   Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS or TMS) is a type of non-invasive neuromodulation where a magnetic field is used to stimulate nerve cells in the brain.  For certain conditions, rTMS is FDA-Cleared.   Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) is a type of rTMS that also incorporates the use of an Electroencephalogram.  In most cases, MeRT is being used “off-label.”
The studies below are meant to be representative of the developing field of neuromodulation.  You will notice that many of the research studies use a variety of scalp locations, intensities, durations, and amplitudes.  For this reason, the studies cited below are not necessarily indicative of the scalp location, intensity, durations and/or amplitude that you would receive through treatment at Brainwaves Neuro Restoration Center, Inc. 

List of Studies

Neuromodulation & EEG Relevance

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Major Depression






Long Covid Brain Fog



SUD/Smoking Cessation

MeRT Ongoing Clinical Trials with Department of Defense for PTSD, Post-Concussion Disorders, TBI

For Veterans Suffering from PTSD who can’t go through MeRT treatment, alternative treatments — and studies from the United States government — are discussed here.